The white Terrace of Pamuckale

traventinesImage via WikipediaAt Every evening in Kusadasi we went out of our hotel to down town. Down town is full of bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Also, there are many tour Agencies which open until late, so It's possible to order a trip for the next day.

One of the sites that looked beautiful on the photos was Pamuckale. My girl friend also heard that it's suppose to be a great place to visit. So, instead of paying to a tour company we started to search on how to get there by buses.

It turned out that the site is 3 hours ride away from Kusadasi. We had to go to the central but station (The local name is "Garaj") , don't get confused with the mini bus station, it's a different place.

We used a bus company called KamilKoc. They have a bus going to Denizli, which is a nearby town to Pamuckale) at 9:30 AM. It took us 3-3.5 hours to get there. The ride cost 20 Turkish lira per person.
Ask to get of at the Garaj in Denizli. From there we took a mini bus for 2 Turkish lira to Pamuckale.
After 20-30 minutes ride the bus drops you in the center of Pamuckale village. The village is right under the site which well seen from the village.

All you left with is walking to the terrace (entrance: 10 lira) for a few minutes.
It's a beautiful site which really doesn't exist anywhere in the world (as far as people told us).
You walk up the terrace and you have pools of water mixed with lime. People go in the water and it's really nice. Don't worry,the maximum depth is 10-15 inch.

Pamuckale also has a big Archeological site, but after seeing Ephsus on the day before, we decided we we will skip the archaeological part of the day. We think it's a different entrance fee from going into the lime pools.

After we walked all around we went to a few of the pools that were allowed to swim at. No shoes are allowed when you step in the lime area.

The last bus leaving Denizli back to Kusadasi is at 18:00 ( 6:00 PM). We took a different company than the one on the way to Denizli. The company called "Pamuckale",just like the site. the ride to Kusadasi costs 23 Lira and it even took less than 3 hours ride.

A few words about Denizli. We had a little time going around there. We never read of Denizli or tried to find out what's to do there since we really didn't have time. But, Denizli looked to us as an ordinary local city with no tourists. near the Garaj there are many restaurant serving local non toursty food and not expensive. Also If you need a bank or ATM machine there are a bunch around.

Concluding our day, we think that on a short vacation like we had, it wouldn't be worth going all the way to there just for this. We had a 4 night vacation so this takes the whole day. If you have time It's worth taking your time and going there as part of a whole longer trip. You can even stay a night or two at pamuckale village.

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