Annapurna Circuit – days 10-12 – Manang to Letdar.

We Left Manang, it was Thursday morning. I had mixed feelings…after the unsuccessful previous day, I was a little disappointed from it, but on the other hand was anticipating to reach Throng La.

We Left at 8:55 in the morning and reached Yak Karka at 12:15 PM. walking from Manang to Yak Karka is easy. A little bit of an uphill trail but really not too bad. Towards Yak Karka there is an half an hour to an hour of almost straight walk, with no uphills or downhills. These are the times when we had our chance of really enjoy to views, without worrying about our next physical challenge.

We decided we will spend the night at Yak Karka. It was the beginning of November which is high season. We were afraid there won't be any rooms left for all of us ( we were a group of 4 people). Eventually we found a guest house. It wasn't even too hard.

Since we arrived early, it was only noon time I sat in the dinning room and learned some Chinese. I started talking to a 60 years old man from Canada. His name was wain. He said that it's the toughest physical challenge he ever had. At some point he showed me his camera and said it's not working, he thought he needs a new charger…I needed a few minutes to figure out that a remarkable button named "RESET" would solve the problem. He was very greatful!

I think this is the greatest magic in traveling. I love these encounters with people from all around the world. learning about their culture, home, work. It's fascinating!

here's some common pricing at Yak Karka:
2 Boiled eggs – 80 NR
Chapati (2 pieces) – 80 NR
Vegetable soup – 95 NR
double room – 150 NR

The next day we headed to Letdar. Letdar is just a few guest houses on the mountains. It's not really a village. villagers from Manang built these Guest houses ( there are 4 of them, I think) for travelers. Letdar is very close to Yak Karka, 35 minutes walk…We took it easy and spent Friday and sauterday resting there.

Letdar is more expensive than Yak Karka since as you go higher all services are more expensive. just think that the food you are eating made the same way you did on the back of one of the many porters working in the area.

costs at Letdar:
2 Boiled eggs – 100 NR
chapati (2 pieces) – 100 NR
Veg spring roll – 180 NR
Spagetti with tomato souce – 190 NR
double room – 200 NR

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