The True Israel Trail Experience

I Think that it's time to talk about something in my own country.
I haven't been traveling for a while now so I decided I should take a day off all the work I have and go to do something for my spirit.

I'll start from the beginning… :)
after Rabin, the left winged prime minister that was assacened by a jew in Israel, the Israeli society began to by very divided like. left and right, secular and religious jews…they were all in a great conflict.

After that a few movements in Israel were developed in order to bridge the problems in the Israeli society. One of these movements is Tzav Pius (meaning "directive appeasement"). It Aims to have a true dialog between different groups in Israeli society. By creating a dialog between very divided society the aim was to get us more unite.

I joint today one of thier projects for one day. This project was not generated by them but is supported by them. Thier aim is to walk large parts of the Israel trail together in order to get different people from different groups in Israel get to know each other.

The Israel Trail (Shvil Israel) goes all along the state of Israel. It's not only a physical trail, but also a human trail. on each spot on that trail we have as Israeli and jewish people some kind of historical or significant event happened to us, which all of israelis are united around it.

Today was an amazing day for me meeting various people when walking on the trail. some people walk it from the begining to the end which takes around 2 months. some people just join a day or 2, like I did.

This project is also for the memorial of Avi. Avi was one of the soldiers that was killed almost 11 years ago when to Israeli helicopter crashed together at the north part of Israel. His parents are the initiators of this project. This is the 3rd year that this project is running.

they don't have a website in English though….but if you still want to have a look:

it's in Hebrew :)

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