Annapurna Circuit – Day 7 – Ghyaru to Manang

We started the day at around 8:15 in the morning walking from Ghyaru. remember that we are way up over the valley at that day so there are magnificent views from the top.


Walking starts with a few short climbs and there are a few great view points along the way. Suddenly on the way we saw some vultures ( I'm not an ornithologist, but it looks like it :) ). So for the 1st time I had a good excuse to use my 75-300 mm lens I carried with me the whole time.

Vulture in the sky!

On the way it's possible to see Homde airport ( If we were walking the straight easier way the previous day we would have walked through Homde). If you are too tired or can't get used to the heights, one of your options is taking a flight from Homde to Pokhara, but you might have to wait a few days for a flight and an available seat.

We had the chance to see a small airplane landing and taking off, it's weird to look down on it, instead of looking up to the sky!
The plane is landing at Homde airport

Flight takes off from homde airport

The next village coming up is Nagwal. There are many alleys in that village so you have to ask people which is the right way to cross it.

Coming to Nagwal

After Nagwal the trail goes down , back to the valley. Then it's an easy 2 hour straight walk to Manang. On the way there is another small village called Braga ( or Braka) so don't get too excited that you arrived to Mananag, it's another half and hour walk….

We reached Manang pretty late, at 14:30. Our porters mentioned it would take only 4-5 hours to walk until Manang, but the girl in our group got hurt in her foot, so we had to find a horse for her that would take her to Mananag. All this waiting and logistics took quite a while.

All along the trail and especially at this part of the trail there are many people renting horses or yaks ( which are more expensive) in order to carry tiered or hurt trekkers.

This was the end of that day. There is a clinic at Manang that is there for a reason, but it deserves a special post.

That would be my next one.

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