Annapurna Circuit – Day 5 – Chame

After a few days of walking…it's time to rest! So that day we decided to have a resting day.

Chame Is the largest village in the district and actually you can find some pretty cheap trekking gear or food that you might need later. Of course it all compared to the prices along the trek.

We bought some twix bar which were 50 rupees each. We also bought some trekking gear. A friend of mine bought a walking stick since his got broken. I bought another fleece shirt…(I thought I'm going to freeze when being closer towards Throng La (La means, pass).

Chame has hot springs! but….At that time of year which is the dry season ( We were visiting there at the end of October) the springs are actually a tiny pond you can either put in your hand or leg only.

On the other hand, I met some people taking a bucket, filling it and having a shower by the spring. The water are warm and great!

In order to get to the hot springs turn right, right after the last bridge in the village (when coming from Danaqyu village direction). Then you walk through a few guest houses courts down the river ( river on your right). After passing those guests houses you need to go down straight to the river, there you'll see a concrete pool (which was empty at that time).

Our porter said that one or two month later there would be more water in the spring and the concrete pool would be full which would allow a splendid bath!

enjoy :)

oh! also, HAPPY NEW 2008!

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