Challenge Yourself When Traveling

On my recent trip which I came back from, 3 weeks ago (3 weeks already?!) I traveled with one of my best friends. This was a special trip for me, I never traveled with a good friend and it was truly a great experience. We had our argues on what we want to do and where to go, but it was all on an open and very understanding atmosphere.

When we visited New Delhi, We used the metro to ride around town. It's cheaper and faster than a rickshaw. one day an Israeli girl ( many Israelis are traveling in the far east , especially India) asked us how to get to a certain place in town. I told her that the best way to do this is to use the metro. She said, it sounded too complicated and she will just take a rickshaw to that place. I told her It's much slower and much much more expensive. She didn't really mind.

My friend was there at the same time and I told him I can't understand why people are traveling to new places and just stay at the few touristy places they know and not trying to explore a little more from what they read or know about..just to do things aliitle bit different and that would make your trip a whole lot differente. I say, be a little adventurous, explore, experience….

He said I was being arrogant by thinking this. Not all people are the same and are very comfortable of being in strange different places by themselves.

I guess he is right. Not all people like the same way of traveling and although I'm not too happy about "classic tourism", some people do like it ( Fully guided tours for instance). The problem is that these people are missing what's so special about the places they are traveling. They don't "feel" them.

The key is to find the right balance and even if you afraid of riding\walking\being someplace because It's too much of a "challenge" for you, you should gather a tiny bit of courage and just try…

Remark: Mickey, Thank you for being a great friend and a great travel partner.

Marry Christmas everybody and happy new 2008!

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