Who Are The real Actors In Bollywood?

"you should go to an Indian movie. It's really funny seeing the Indians watching it…" this is what my sister told me 7 years ago after she visited India. Since then she was not the only one telling me that.

After spending a few days in Delhi with a friend, I told him we are going to watch a movie tonight. "please tell me it will be in English…". "maybe there will be subtitles" I said. "oh, great…"

Film was suppose to start at 21:30, so we had some time walking around Connaught Place in Delhi, seeing and window shopping at the most exclusive stores in the city.

At 21:15 we arrived back at the movie theater. The film started 5 minutes later (have you ever been to any show that starts AHEAD of time?

Our pick was "Om, Shanti, Om", a romantic Bollywood film. But we were more excited about watching the people watching the film and not the film itself, so the particular film didn't really matter…

The film started and we found ourselves looking at the screen more than looking at the people who were just too quiet, which was pretty disappointing, the film was wonderful! colorful, interesting, but in Hindi…

Fortunately, there are many words in English got into the Hindi language, so from time to time the actors spoke some English words which helped us tracking what's going on on the screen. the crowd…was still silent…

Then there were some whistlings and we started to get excited! Beautiful Hindi women were singing and dancing on the screen. This almost empty theater with almost only men sitting at, still looked very sad compared to what we heard suppose to be.

But we kept enjoying the movie which wasn't very complicated to understand even though we speak only 1 word in Hindi (which is Namaste, surprisingly).

When the film ended we tried to figure out why we enjoyed the action on the screen and why there was no action in the crowd.

we thought that the fact that we went to a romantic film and not an action one didn't help the crowd to "rave".

in conclusion, the movie was great, but the crowd didn't play it's role. we still had great time!

comment for your stories on a Bollywood movie experience! thanks :)

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