Annapurna circuit – Day 2/3 – Bhulbhule to Danaqyu

All I can say about Day 2…It was a HARD day! It doesn't seem so hard on the map we got from the NCAP ( Annapurna Conservation Area Project ). 460 m climbing on a 16 KM walking…But This was our 1st day of really walking and not sitting-on-the-bus type of day….We started at 8:20 in the morning in Bhulbhule and finished at 17:20 in Jagat village which is almost dark by then.

The next day (day 3) we walked from Jagat (left at 8:00) to Danaqyu (arrived at 16:20). This day was a little easier from the day before. On the ACAP map (it's not really a map but just tells you how much you need to climb/go down from one village to another, how much time it suppose to take and how many KM you walk) it says that the end of the walking on that day meaning from Dharapani to Danaqyu? suppose to be a very steep hard walk.

We were very tired at that point but wanted to go a little more. eventually that part of walking was climbing but a really easy walk comparably to other parts we already done that day and the day before.

On that day after a hard climb before Tal village We met the Maoists. On the previous post I also talked about them. Generaly speaking, they are a political group, that makes this country unstable politically and that's why people are afraid to come to Nepal ( By the way…no need to be scared. read the previous post :) )

Anyway, after this really hard climb ( It was even written on my map: "hot steep climb!" ), we see a bunch of people sitting near a table with a red flag next to it. As we approached the table they were really nice and said: "hello, we are the Maoists, We take donation…"

We've been told by our porter that they ask for money according to the number of days you are trekking, therefore you need to say you finish in a closer place than you are really going to end your trek. They take 100 Nepali Rupee per day per person.

After a short negotiation my friend and me each paid 1000 Rupees. We even got a receipt so the next time we meet them , we can show them we already paid.

We also met some large groups of people traveling together that just walk though them without paying…So if you really broke and can't pay…well…get your own conclusion…I don't want to cause any harm to any tourists because of that…also, we haven't seen that they are carrying any weapons …:)

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