Is It Safe To Travel Nepal?

Many people I've told I'm traveling to Nepal said to me: "You are very brave. I don't think I can do that". now, I know from many young Israelis who went to Nepal that it's safe and there are no problems going there.

Annapurna Ciruit Trek - Near Manang Village

Nepal is dependent on tourism and since 2001 tourism has dropped down because of the political situation. After spending 2.5 months there, I can say say for sure Nepal is safe at least in the parts I was in. I just had the chance being on the most touristic parts.

The Maoists that everybody are afraid of are a political group which causing the "trouble" in the country. At the same time they are very aware of the mess they are making and that it's hurting their main economical engine. Therefore their policy is NOT hurting tourists.

If you are a tourist in Nepal you'll probably meet them in 2 occasions: street demonstration. I saw a few of those In Kathmandu. Walking and shouting down the street never hurt anyone…they are walking in large groups not causing any harm ( well, except of the traffic jams…)

The other place would be while you trek in the mountains. They have booths on the train, which is actually a small table and a flag. Usually there are a bunch of them and they oblige (or as they say:"Take donation" :) ) you to pay them some fee. It's very safe they are not shootings anybody and not hurting. Just do as they want. I'm not in favor of what they do but I'm in favor of safe tourism.

This tourism helps this poor nation. unfortunately large sums of this money goes to Swiss bank accounts and not staying in this country and for the people, but that's another issue.

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