5 Ways to Have a 2nd Child in China

Before I went to china I also heard about the famous single child policy that China has. It was very interesting to talk about this subject with the people i've met with in China. As time passed I learned there are some ways you can have more than one child. Here are the exceptions:

1. If you live in the village and you have a girl as a 1st child, you can have another chance having a boy.
2. If both of the parents are an only child they can have 2 kids, regardless of their gender. This law now becomes relevant. The single child policy is 30 years old, so the current young generation is now getting married and having kids. China is expecting to have a generation with 2 kids familyies
3. Pay high fee – If you rich enough, you can afford another child.
4. Go abroad and have another child – solution only to people who can afford it.
5. be a villager – villagers are so poor that they have nothing to lose. So they have as many kids as they want.

The official number of people in china is around 1.3 Billion. experts say the number is much higher, something like: 1.6 Billion. I don't know if the population is decreasing but growth is certainly slowing down.

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