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People who are following my blog from the beginning knows I've studied Chinese in china for 2 months using one on one tutoring. This is by far the most efficient way to learn anything, of course.

I had limited time in china so I wanted to get the most from it. indeed, i speak and talk basic Chinese now. but, not everybody can just leave their work,home,family for 2-3 months to do it.

Internet comes to help (like in any other case in life :) ), with the ability to learn online. I've been searching for online Chinese learning web sites for quite a while, while I was in China. The most interactive web site I bumped into was ChinesePod.com. I downloaded a few lessons and they are really doing a great job. I just used the free account though. They let you download mp3 files with lessons in various learning levels. At some point I understood it's not the optimal way for learning. In order to learn you need a person to teach you. somebody you can have a conversation with and stimulate you….

One day, I got a link from my twin sister. it was: ChineseVoice.com.They use a different method. They have a system to have a video conversation with a Chinese teacher in China! I haven't tried it yet although I registered for a trial lesson. They have courses in different levels and you get 2 very important obvious benefits:
1. One on one tutoring (there are also options for small group studies) and…!
2. No need to fly to china.

How is that for a start?

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