How Many Chinese Travelers Are Out There?

"Ni shuo han yu ma?" ("do you speak Chinese?") These were my 1st few Chinese words speaking to a a Chinese girl since I left china. I was very excited to be able to understand her answer: "Dangran, wo shi zhong guo ren!" (of course, I'm Chinese!). We then moved back to English, because it's just easier….

I told her I haven't met any Chinese people traveling before her. She said it might be because I can't tell the difference between them ,Korean and Japanese travelers. She is defiantly right, but still I can tell which language they are speaking. I heard only Japanese (or that might was Korean, but defiantly not Chinese).

Another reason I didn't expect to find Chinese travelers was this: When I was in China, my hosts told me that the way the Chinese people are traveling is by large groups of people and sitting on the bus for a few hours, seeing the place, taking some pictures and going back home…

also, I heard from my hosts it's sometimes very hard to go on your own to travel with no group and they have to give some kind of a deposit in order to get out of the country.

I met this girl In Pushkar, India. This is not the sightseeing-through-a-bus-window kind of place. also, she was traveling by herself…

My point is that this encounter with that girl maybe shows about the changes the Chinese society is going through in terms of the way they travel. Chinese people starting to travel in a way that western nations are traveling. Of course she was only one Chinese girl, but this might be marking the beginning of a phenomena (or maybe they were really many Chinese travelers around me, I just didn't pay attention too :) ).

what's your opinion? I'd like to hear your view especially If you are Chinese….

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