My 20th country anniversary!

I finally feeling I'm on my way home. last night I arrived to new Delhi in India, after flying from Kathmandu. We flew with "royal Nepal" which has VERY bad reputation of canceling flights and regularly delay them.

Surprisingly enough, we had a delay of only 45 minutes! This is quite something for Royal Nepal!
on 1.12.07 , their only plane is going again for repairs , so no flights then.

Arriving to India also remarks something else for me. As the title says, it's my 20th country I'm visiting.

Here are the countries I've visited. It doesn't mean I'm an expert in all of those. It just mean that I left the airport and spend time there (transit at the airport doesn't count), sometimes just going through but usually not.

North America

1. USA
2. Canada

South America

3. Peru
4. Bolivia
5. Chile
6. Argentina


7. Germany
8. Italy
9. France
10. Greece
11. Poland
12. check republic
13. England & Scotland


14. South Africa
15. Swaziland
16. Ethiopia


17. China
18. Nepal
19. India

and of course: 20. ISRAEL!

How many countries more I left to visit?

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