The World Peace Pagoda of Pokhara

After trekking for a few weeks it's time to relax. So I'm taking the time to explore Pokhara and it's surroundings. I went with a friend to the world peace pagoda (or stupa , as they call it here). This stupa was built by Buddhist monks in order to promote world peace.

We combined 2 activities in one and started our visit with sailing in Pokhara's lake. We took a rowing boat from the lakeside area. The aim was to row the stupa's bank and from the to climb up to the stupa.

Renting a boat costs around 350 rupees for 4 hours. 4 hours would be enough time for you to row one way, climb to the stupa, going down the hill and row back. rowing to the stupa's bank would take 30-60 minutes. It's not an easy task as it seems. If you don't feel like working hard, (or if you are not to many people on your group), hire a driver too. That will cost an extra 50 rupees.

Climbing is not to hard. It took us 40 minutes to climb. The view from up there is amazing, although we had a cloudy afternoon. If sky are clear the view from there is breathtaking. A whole chain of the Annapurna range is seen! I just saw it in photos though…

going down is easier of course, takes around 30 minutes. the problems was we had to row back, and we didn't really feel like after that mini trek.

A different option for a visit at the stupa would be, taking a boat with a driver from the lake side bank. Rent the boat just for an hour, since you won't need it on the way back. The driver would take it back. Climb the hill and later take the trail leading to the main road of the lake side in Pokhara. I haven't done it but talked to people who said it's pretty straight forward, so don't worry about this.

here's for world peace!

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