Any travelers to Bhutan?

Being Here in Nepal makes me think about other exotic places I'd like to go and experience. I've heard of the name Bhutan several times in my life. Never heard of anybody traveling there…

Bhutan has around 770000 of population and is surrounded by China and India. The Indian State of Sikkim separates it from Nepal, which is relatively not far.

on 2005 only 13000 and something tourists entered Bhutan!


So, I decided to check things out….

Bhutan has a king ( a very nice king apparently) and it's a monarchy. Traveling regulations are strictly enforced in order to keep this country in it's own pace and get the most benefits from tourism. You can travel Bhutan only if you use a local travel agency or a foreign agency which is working with a local one.

minimum costs per day are $200 (!!!) per person if you travel in a group of 3 or more. Certainly not for the common budget traveler…if you travel by yourself you have to pay another $40 extra per day. These $200 include all your transportation costs, eating and hotels. They don't include laundry, Drinking, Alcohol and gift ( I'm sure there are some other stuff). So generally after you prepaid your trip to the agency you don't need to carry any money because it's all included….but some other things I mentioned are a nessecity too…

Hope this short description will make you want to go and explore more about this country. I certainly want to go!

Bhutan google satellite maps

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