The Brave British Gurkha – The starting point

Meet Diyesh Rai (right) and Norbu Sherpa ( yes, the same Sherpa who helped sir Edmond Hillery climb the everest mountain). I met those two young man, both 20 yeas old now, on a bus going from Pokhara to Kathmnadu. They were also traveling back from there, as there is a Gurkha recruitment camp right by Pokhara. They just finished a 6 months training in a Nepali institute getting them ready for the tests and rough selection in the recruitment center.

Diyesh & Norbu, brave future Gorkha!

Diyesh Get some air out of the bus window

In the last couple of weeks I heard about the brave Gorkhas and their famous khukuri knives they carry, so meeting these kind of poeple and talking to them was very exciting for me. Diyesh and Norbu told me about the process they are going through when getting accepted to the special British Gurkha unit.

As I mentioned after training and learning for 6 months they go through tests which include IQ,English and Nepali tests on the mental side. Physical side is less appealing in my opinion:
70 sit ups in 2 minutes, 14 pull ups, and 800M run in less than 2:45 minutes.

This test was their 1st test and the next one is about the happen in one month. fortunately both of them passed it. some of their other friends from the institute failed but can try again once a year if they are 17-21 in age.

part of the second test includes running up a hill with 25 KG of rock on your back. This is a quote from the lonely Planet. Diyesh and Norbu approved.

All is left to say, I wish you the best and good luck!
Who are the Brave Gurkhas?

Gurkha are a special gerilla unit which are part of the British army. This unit is also situated at the singapur police force and the guards and price of Brunei.

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