Intoducing the oldest long distance runner in Nepal

I met Steven a few days ago. He is 62 years old and he is the oldest long distance (10 KM) runner currently in Nepal. The current Nepali holding the record for long distance running is the couch of the Nepali team. Steven on the other hand has a special a aim. As being the oldest person running, he feels he has a special role, He wants to inspire those young runners joining the team.

Today i had a special experience. I went to the national stadium in Katmandu early in the morning to meet Steven and watch him running. I joined him for a few rounds but didn't make it all the way.

He said he is been coming to that stadium every morning for the past 3 months and met the greatest Nepali runners currently training. he is proud being their model and help them reaching achievements.

I saw him running together with some of the young ones ( one of them is only 13) talking, encouraging and training them.

It's really something seeing that. after 25 rounds of 400 meters it looks like this( i joined to the last round and a half, i can't run 10 KM!) :

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