Welcome to Kathmandu, Nepal

I have so many things to tell…a lot have a happened and I'll complete that a bit by a bit. Anyway, I arrived Kathmandu doing some hop flights around the globe.

I started my journey when leaving Dalian in China on wednesday evening and took a night train( 256 RMB, for a bottom bunk bed) to Beijing. Being on the train in China is special experience. I'll have a separate post on that.

I spent a whole day in Beijing.The official medical clinic was my 1st stop there right when arriving in the morning ( it is about 10 hours train ride) I had to get a typhoid fever injection, since it has been 3 years since I got my previous one. The official medical clinic is dealing with travelers going out of china and foreigners. It is located within a short taxi drive from Andimen subway station in Beijing.

The rest of the day was just spending time on the internet and meeting another friend I met on the train from Dalian to beijing on the previous trip.

There are a few buses going from the city itself to the airport. a taxi drive would cost 70-80 RMB, the bus costs only 16 RMB. It takes 50-60 minutes to get to the airport.

I purchased my tickets to Kathmandu through elong.com. It costs 3300 RMB + 554 RMB for tax ( +2% commission for international credit card payment).

Flight goes to Chengdu and arrives there at 1:00 at night. The flight then goes to Lahasa but only at 07:40 in the morning, so in my opinion it wasn't worth in finding a hotel for those few hours, although it includes staying outside of the airport building and wait (fortunately there were other people there waiting).

Elong doesn't state the flight goes through Lahasa, so be aware of that. All passport issues also being handles in Lahasa, So you need to get out of the plane and some back in.

The flight from Lahasa to Kathmandu fly above the Himalaya mountains. sometimes it's possible seeing the Everest mountain. In order to see it, sit on the right side of the airplane.

At 9:45 AM I finally landed in Kathmandu a long 36 hour trip.

Believe me, it was worth it. I like the feeling of 3rd world cities. I feel like i'm in a different culture, so there is sooo much to discover!

stay tuned! :)

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