My new hosts…

my journey continues…. I left my friends at the university a few days ago. It was a pleasure being there and experiencing the student life ( the shower is a bit of a challenge, but I can handle it :) ). So thank you Peter and all. It was a great help.

Now I moved to the other side of town. I'm Leaving with shens family. Shen has a wife and an 8 year old son. they have extra room so they are letting me stay here. It's great being here and it feels like home.

They live in an apartment building. One side facing the hills while the other side is facing the sea. So I have a forest hill from my balcony when waking up in the morning. On the other side of the apartment the sea and ships are the common landscape, During night time you hear the ships horns, which for some reason makes me smile. Feels like you are leaving in a special place.

Next week I'm saying goodbye to my Chinese teacher and flying to Nepal. I'm very excited about this. just wondering if finishing my Chinese studies is the right thing to do now. well, I have to leave here anyway because my visa expires, it doesn't worth coming back…hope to come visit again and keep learning. I learned so much about Chinese culture and way of life when staying here. Also staying with locals even helped more. I just like it so much….understanding foreign cultures. it's much much better than staying in a hotel of any kind!

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