Drink (alchohol) in order to survive

I'm here in China for already 6 weeks. And although It's already was quite a while, new experiences do arrive. I'm thinking of developing some business here in china…whenever I read about china's business culture I read about toasting for the guest…

yesterday I moved temporarily to a friends dorms in the university of Dalian. He offered me to stay here for a couple of days and I appreciate this very much….So last night we all went out for beer. I'm not such a good alcohol drinker…

when I arrived at the restaurant they were all there..and 4 empty bottles on the table. We were 5 people total…when I sat there, They all honored me with a "gang bei" ( litaraly means, empty glass).

some rules:

1. you have to look at the other person's eyes when toasting with him.

2. If 2 of the people at the table are toasting you don't have to join if you were not invited.

3. you have to finish the glass ( And preferably before the person who invites you to drink finishes his) till it's end, unless you were given a permission not and just take a sip.

4. Last one is not rule but an important conclussion: I didn't know I can drink so much beer! but, I was sooooo dizzy afterwards!

So Each of the people sitting to the table is toasting for you and you have to finish your glass. meaning that you drink the most. here's a way to make business!

here is a picture from that night ( we had no camera therefore it's the cellphone quality) . The owner of the restaurant is the guy in the middle, who joined us forthe pic and a few drink

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