Chinese trekking Gear

Just came back from shopping for some tekking equipment. As I said next week I'm flying to Katmandu. I'm going to travel Nepal for something like 7 weeks. Since this trip to Nepal wasn't on my plan at all, I don't have any of my tekking equipment with me (except of my great whitney gregory backpack).

I'm about to trek the "Around Annapourna" , at some point so I do need to buy some new equipment.

Get some view on how much trekking equipment costs here. I went to a friends store so I got lower prices (30% off probably), but you'll get the feeling.

Here's what I got (prices are in Chinese yuan – RMB. exchnage rate 1$ = 7.5 RMB) :

1. shoes – bought Sherpa ****shoes. These shoes are water proof, but don't have Gortex. It's the cheapest good shoes for treking you can find here (300 RMB)

2. walking metal stick with a 2 position of lock and soft lock. Can be extended to different hights. Includes Campuse and can be used as a tripod or your camera (made in china – 60 RMB. If you want an Iltalian one 300 RMB is the price for you.)

3. Head Flash light , not watr proof ( 20 RMB, Peztel costs 560 RMB)

Some other stuff I saw in the store were thermo t-shirt ( 50 RMB), Thick rain coat( 728 RMB..after 30% of it's ~506 RMB ).

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