How to bargin in China

Many westerners had the pleasure of bargening in many countries for differnet products they buy. It's ALWAYS part of the trip.

When arriving here I started my bargening as follows:

seller: qoutes a price

me: "Tai Gui Le" ( too expensive) – offer a price 30%-40% precent less

seller: nodding his head for no…and offer some other price…etc'…

eventually the price would be 25% off the original one. Whenever I finished bargeinig I felt that I paid to much….My family always gave me the feeligng that I padi to much also…

Then, Fiannally I got it. Bargening in this country should go like this:

seller: qouting a price

me: me: "Tai Gui Le" ( too expensive) – offer a price 80%-90% less

We would finish with 60%-70% off the original price!

Got it?!

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